Feb 132019

Ever wondered why you are going to interview after interview and find you’re failing to get that dream job yet other seem to really excel at interviews and get chosen first time?   The interview process can be daunting but if you know the right killer interview techniques then you too can excel at interviews.

Many people find the interview process makes them nervous and drains them of their energy before they have even sat down to face the first question.  This is a normal response given how much is riding on the interview, but this also causes interviewee to become flustered. Being flustered means you will not perform well under the glaring spotlight of the interviewer.

So what are the killer interview techniques that many seem to possess and helps them excel at interviews?

Today I will give you the top ten Killer Interview Techniques to really excel at interviews:


Research – You would be surprised how many people turn up to interviews without having knowledge of the business they wish to work in. Interviewers will ask what you know of the business and if you can show you have knowledge they will be suitably impressed.  Read news headlines and make sure you know how the company makes it’s money.

Stay calm – Sounds easier said than done we know but truthfully it can be mastered.  A trick is to close your eyes and control your breathing with deep breaths prior to the interview to reduce your stress levels. This will make you feel more relaxed when the interview begins.

Speech control – Many people tend to lose control of their speech and talk at a hundred miles an hour. This means they tend to speak a lot but nothing of substance comes out.  Slow it down.  Even better, vary it.  Speak slowly for important points, faster at other times.  Vary the pitch and volume too, so you sound animated and interesting.

Follow the STAR – When you have been asked a question ensure you follow the STAR approach of answering the question. This means tell them the Situation, give advice of the Task at hand, the Action you took and the Result of your actions.

Bring water – A top tip is to take a small bottle of water.  You can then use this to take a sip after being asked a tough question to give you time to think of an eloquent answer. This is a simple, yet effective stalling tactic that doesn’t give away the fact that your cogs are whirring inside.

Be strong – If you get asked a question that you don’t have an answer for straight away, be honest and ask if you can come back to that question after the next one.  Many people are scared to do this and leave an uncomfortable silence as they try to find an answer, but employers will be more than happy to give you time.

Inject personality – An interview is not simply about answering questions, it’s also about showing how you will fit into their business. This means giving them a glimpse of your positive personality.  You are essentially selling yourself.  Don’t forget to smile too.

Bring humour – Find an ice breaker that can be used early on in the interview to bring a little humour. This could be a small but positive anecdotal story about your life that could mean the difference between a tense atmosphere or a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes the interviewer can be nervous too.

Ask questions – Do not be afraid to ask questions of your own. An interview is not simply about a business buying into you, they understand that you are also looking to buy into them – it is a two way street even if it doesn’t feel it.

Finish strong – Make sure you finish the interview by making eye contact, smile and thank the interviewer for the opportunity of the interview. Shake hands and don’t forget to say the job really interests you and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Follow these Top 10 killer interview technique tips and you can really excel at interviews. Good luck!


Do you have any tips for interviews?  Leave a comment below.

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