Jan 072019

Many people go from interview to interview with some success, but there are a select few people that only need one interview to get the job they want.  These individuals are not super human or extra special; they are simply able to absolutely nail an interview every time to get the job of their dreams.

Being able to really nail an interview is a special art that is not hard to master, you simply need to understand the interview process and use every interview technique available to your advantage.

So, how can you really excel?

Firstly you need to be confident in your answers;  there is nothing worse than not showing conviction in what you say. The interviewer will feel that if you are not confident in your answers, you may well not be a confident individual.

Next you need to use the special STAR plan where you answer a question by giving the Situation, Task, Actions and Results. The STAR method gives you the chance to give a concise answer so you don’t ramble and go off on a tangent.

Show personality. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, you need to sell yourself. An interview is not simply a meeting where you put your answers across, it is a place to sell you as a person to the company you wish to work for. You have to remember the company is not simply looking at your skills; they are also looking to see if you will fit into their operation.

Research the business of your potential new employer; show you understand their business and who they are. You will be surprised how many people attend interviews and don’t actually know anything about the business they say they wish to work for.  Know the share price.  Google for major news.  Know the main rivals.  There is no need to go overboard.  After all the interviewer won’t expect you to know the details of eveything the company is doing, but do learn enough to be able to mention one or two interesting things about the company.  How can a company wish to employ someone who doesn’t show any understanding of the business in an interview setting?

Think of questions you may want to ask and don’t be afraid to ask questions related to your genuine concerns, for example if you will find it difficult to travel regularly.

Many people shy away from asking questions yet potential employers prefer when questions are ask because it shows interest and understanding.  The only one to avoid is anything on the remuneration package. If you have gone to interview via an agent, then let them deal with that kind of question.  If not, then ask HR, but not the manager interviewing you.  He probably won’t know how much thy can pay.

When the interview is drawing to a close always ask when you may expect to hear from the potential employer, give a final positive response about the interview process, smile, and thank them for their time.

In summary to ensure you nail an interview every time you need to research the prospective business, give concise answers through the STAR method, show personality and ask questions. At the end you need to finish the interview in a positive manner and thank the potential employer for giving you the opportunity.

As mentioned, an interview is more than talking about your skills, it is a chance to sell yourself and show you will fit into the employers business.

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