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Ever wondered about LinkedIn in and how to use LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd? It is a question many pose because they wish to get the most out of LinkedIn and use it as a tool in their endeavours to build a career.

There are many ways of standing out from the crowd on LinkedIn and we have compiled a list of a few of the most important.

How to use LinkedIn?

Complete your profile to the best of your abilities. Many people simply list their current and previous job titles but the trick is to also talk about what you did in those roles. This is not a simple list of jobs; it’s more of a positive sales pitch about what you brought to the role.

You also need to compile a summary on you as an individual talking about your strengths and what you bring to the roles you work on.

A little used part of LinkedIn is the status updates tool. While you should not be updating every hour talking about going to the pub or getting a French manicure, you should from time to time use this tool for powerful quotes and notes of interest. These will get people’s attention and draw them to your profile.

Join groups in your field to network and show you knowledge by sharing best practices. An easy way to build a reputation in your field on LinkedIn is to join groups in your field and become active in sharing knowledge with others. This also goes for answering questions to show your expertise in what you do.

Spend time building your network of trusted professionals. Don’t just add anyone, check through and add trusted professionals you have worked with previously. This will build up a network that will make people who visit your profile sit up and take notice.

Recommend people whom you know and trust. LinkedIn lets you put recommendations forward for individuals and there is no better way than getting noticed for being positive about others. Recommendations should only be given for those that you have worked with and can positively vouch for so ensure you only recommend people you know.

Spend time weekly on LinkedIn. This is where many people go wrong; they simply create an account and only go on from time to time. What you need to do is simply set aside a small amount of time every week. Whether it is 30 minutes or more, go on to have a look at what has been happening and who your connections are connecting with.

Many wonder how to use LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd and the truth is that it is very simple if you spend time and effort on the site. If you follow the above in a positive manner you are sure to reap the rewards for your labour, you could end up revitalising and building your career further.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool so knowing how to use LinkedIn so it helps you, rather than simply having a profile on there is very important.

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