Jan 152019

It’s great to talk! – The number one reason people DON’T get a torrent of business from Linkedin is because they don’t actually talk to people they connect with. LinkedIn will NEVER replace good old fashioned real- time conversation so use linkedin to make first contact then get talking.

Do a little each day – The key to succeeding on Linkedin is to work out 2-3 actions that will get results then repeat them consistently each day – its the compound effect of doing small things over time that will make the different.  Just ask Jeff Olson.  He calls it “The Slight Edge”

Get RESULTS! – If you want results focus on using LinkedIn to start conversations with the key people in your market. LinkedIn groups, updates etc are all great but give priority to starting conversations because it will give you more results then everything else combined x 5!

Write a Profile, not a CV – Your profile is not a CV!  It’s your first and often the only chance to make an impression on the key decision makers that you want to connect and engage with and CVs really dont do that.  Write your profile about you, your values, your passions and then back it all up with some evidence (recommendations)

Be Proactive – Not Reactive – I saw a headline very recently from a Social Media training company that said “business now comes to you”.  If only that were true! Most big key decision makers DON’T spend hours a day trawling through Twitter, facebook and Linkedin Groups looking for suppliers – you need to approach them in the right way with the evidence you can solve one or more of their problem(s) – Linkedin IS the tool to do this.

Never SELL on Linkedin! – Do you like being sold to? Neither do the rest of us so don’t do it, especially not on Linkedin, because it wont work. If you can build relationships with people they will soon tell your their problems and if you can solve them they WILL pay for it – regardless of the economy.

NO LIONS here! – I once saw a Lion in the zoo.  They really are huge beasts.  Pure killing machines – so keep them off Linkedin!!  If you have heard of the term LION, which means Linkedin Open Networker, it means a person that will accept any connection in order to build their connections!  WHY!  There is no point in just connecting people for the sake of people – it just creates noise!


Did these tips help?  How important do you feel LinkedIn is for promoting yourself and your career?

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