Jan 222019

LinkedIn has become a very important tool for finding jobs for professionals across the globe and more importantly in the UK, but the question is why LinkedIn is so important?

Before the advent of the internet professionals needed to use the phone, newspapers, magazines and third party companies to find jobs. When the internet was launched business started using this medium to find potential employees through places such as Monster and Total Jobs where they paid a premium to list their job roles.

In more recent times social networks have become hugely populatr for companies and agents looking for recruits, but none of these social networks have become as important as LinkedIn. But why LinkedIn is so important is something many debate, today however we will explain why.

LinkedIn is a special social network because it has been created solely for business professionals. This means that only those of a professional nature have signed up and started building networks of friends, colleagues and potential business partners.

The fact that LinkedIn is solely for professionals means that businesses and recruitment companies has found LinkedIn to be fertile ground for finding their next protégé. Some businesses are actively posting jobs on LinkedIn while others are actively headhunting individuals through the social network.

This move of combining social networking with business has been seen as progressive and really ignited the market place. In fact many big businesses have shied away from using job sites such as Monster and looked towards LinkedIn as their favoured method of recruitment.

This shift is significant and has meant that finding your dream job is most likely to happen on LinkedIn rather than any other medium, this is why LinkedIn is so important.

To put into perspective why LinkedIn is so important I have compiled two examples of people finding their dream jobs through the networking site.

The first example entails a LinkedIn member who was contacted through LinkedIn by a recruitment agency about a Business Manager role in the London Financial Services industry. The recruitment agency found the individual by using the search function on the site. The individual decided to pursue the role and through the recruitment agency attended three interviews and gained the role, increasing their salary and improving their career simply by using LinkedIn.

The second example involved a Resource Analyst who was contacted directly by a large utility business who had reviewed their profile and thought they would fit well into their business. After contacting the individual and arranging a meeting the individual was offered a role with a very lucrative package, a package that dwarfed their current role and took a giant leap forward for their career.

Many will see these examples as trivial but anyone who has truly understood the power of LinkedIn knows why LinkedIn is so important to finding a dream job. If you are looking to expand your career and potentially wish to move to a new business then why not have a look at what LinkedIn could do for you, you may be surprised to find many of your colleagues are already members.


Have you used LinkedIn?  How important is it?

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